Years ago when PBS39 was a developing public television station, the adventures of Doctor Who were a staple of Saturday night public television programming in the Fort Wayne area. Then, like the Time Lord himself, the show disappeared for the most prosaic of reasons-lack of funding and support from area fans and underwriters.

In late 2016, classic episodes of this fan favorite made its way back on to PBS39’s Saturday night lineup, brought back in part by the support of viewers just like you. The response has been both gratifying and happy on all sides. Gratifying, because Doctor Who is one of those programs that we purchase above and beyond our normal program schedules, and in being so, it was a bit of a gamble to bring it back in light of all the other program choices we could have made. Happy, because viewer response throughout our area has been overwhelmingly positive and when our viewers are happy, we’re happy knowing that we made the right decision in bringing home a program that still has relevance and impact today.

Even so, we just don’t rely on viewer input. A program like Doctor Who, or any other program such as British Comedies or music programs we acquire beyond the typical offerings from PBS our other programing resources cost us extra. That they air on our station is truly a combination of viewer input  and financial support from people just like you help us bring these programs home.

On Saturday, December 2, we aired a special edition of Doctor Who with live studio breaks. Just because this program has aired does not mean  you’re unable to keep the adventures of Doctor Who coming to you. Call our live pledge number, 1-866-969-2721 or by make a pledge online by clicking here or by using the button below! Either way, putting your love of of this show and others like it into action helps ensure that we’ll be able to bring home more of the programs you love to watch.