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On Saturday nights at 9:30pm, PBS39 is proud to bring a blast from your past back on channel 39.1… Classic episodes of Doctor Who, featuring Tom Baker (aka “The Fourth Doctor”) traveling through time and saving the universe from evil. You might be wondering: How did the TARDIS land back on Saturday nights on PBS39 after being away so long?

Two ways specifically: First, we’ve listened to you, our viewers through phone calls, emails and sometimes, in person when we have been out in the community. Doctor Who has been one of the most requested “bring it back” shows we have heard about. Secondly, because viewers like you have supported PBS39 as you have to make it possible for us to purchase these classic episodes and share them with you and whole new generations.

Programs like this don’t come free to PBS39. They are procured above and beyond our normal programming budget, like many other programs we bring home to you. Show like this are special to our broadcast area and are programs that other TV broadcasters, including public television stations that may not carry.

The difference is you. If you and your friends enjoy the good Doctor’s adventures, take action and make a donation to PBS39 today. You can make a one-time donation or become a sustaining member, ensuring your support of PBS39 continues onward regardless of the season or time of the year. Best of all, when you donate to PBS39, the funds you share with us stay here, to make the programs you want to see, possible.

To make a donation to PBS39 and support special programs such as Doctor Who, click here.

If you’re a business and interested in supporting special programs such as Doctor Who, British Comedies and others on PBS39, click here to contact our Corporate Development staff via email and ask how you can link your brand with ours, and make a meaningful connection with your current customers and potential customers.